Why Preserved Flowers Dome is a good choice of gift for any celebrations

  • Jul, 02 , 24
  • Dillon Yong

Buying a gift for birthday, anniversary, valentine's day or any other celebrations sounds simple until it gets not so simple every year. It gets challenging as you can't buy what you bought last year and keep repeating the same thing. If you are wondering what is the kind unique personalised gift, you can get for your loved ones, you have come to the right article.

Let's explore why preserved flowers dome are becoming a popular choice as a gift.

Customisation Options

One of the most appealing reasons for people buying a preserved flowers dome is the unique feature of personalisation. Not only you get to marvel at the beauty of the flowers in the dome as common home decoration item, but you can actually personalised it for your loved ones.

Choices of colors: Some florists like us at Eternal Flowers, allow customers to have the option to choose their preferred colors of flowers that suit to their loved one's preference. From red to blue to yellow or rainbow or any other colors, the customer have the flexibility of choices. At Eternal Flowers, we have pre-made 4 color options for our customers, with more color choices to come in the future. This is so that we can deliver the product faster. Check out this page: Same Day Delivery Preserved Flowers Dome



Add figurines to blend in with the flowers: Add your favorite Disney princess, crayon shin-chan, snoopy, pikachu or any other figurines to suit to your loved one's preference. This option is not available to customers for most of the florists in Singapore. We have many choices of figurines for our customers to choose at Eternal Flowers Singapore. What's more, if you do not find the figurine that you want, we can even source it for you and add it in to your customised dome. One of the perfect example is this customer who wanted a standalone Grandma figurine. We sourced it for her and added it in to blend in with the flowers and it was presented as a gift to her grandmother to celebrate her birthday occasion.



Then we have another customer that wanted two baby boys in the sunflower dome, and we managed to get it done for her based on her preference.



Personalised name on dome: Again, this option is not available to customers for most of the florists in Singapore. Fortunately, at Eternal Flowers, we offer this to our customers. You can add the name of your loved ones to the dome to make it personalised and extra special. Some of our customers choose to put initials such as JK 💖JL or short names such as Ron 💖Amy. Some choose to put the name of recipient directly such as Angelina.




100% made with real flowers that are long lasting (Preserved flowers):

Flower domes are made with preserved flowers, real flowers that went through preservation process that can keep it alive even for years with proper care. Fresh flowers can last like a week or two and can be a cheaper option for most. Preserved flowers on the other hand will cost a little bit more but it can last really long. They do not need water, sunlight, or special attention, which makes them a convenient and low-maintenance gift. We have a customer who is still keeping our preserved flowers dome after two years. It is still in a very good condition, according to her. 


This was the dome she bought two years ago.


Perfect display for home decoration:

Most of the florists in Singapore will offer the preserved flowers dome with LED or fairy lights. Not only the flowers and the figurines are a beautiful sight to look at, now it can be enhanced by the presence of the beautiful and lively LED or fairy lights which makes it special to marvel upon its beauty. It is a perfect display item for the cabinet, home working desk, or even at the kitchen. We have a customer who bought three just for that!

Suitable for all occasions:

Rest assured that we are not saying it, for the sake of saying it. It is truly suitable for all occasions! Whether it is for Valentine's Day, Birthday, Anniversary, Newborn or even Graduation, it is flexible enough to suit to the occasion. For example, below we have a couple celebrating anniversary or it could simply be for Valentine's Day celebration.

For graduation, we can change the figurine to a graduate figurine. For birthday, we can select the favorite disney character of loved ones. For newborns, we can put a baby figurine to commemorate the special occasion. It is truly a versatile gift.


Multiple varieties:

Not all are the same! Preserved flowers dome have many different types of designs and sizes. There are other types of selection which you can consider, which is shown below.

Lucky Cat Preserved Flowers Dome

Petite Preserved Flower Dome

Preserved Flowers Dome With Diffuser

6-in-1 Bluetooth Rotating Preserved Flowers Dome


Decent packaging:

Please note that different florists have different types of packaging. At Eternal Flowers Singapore, our preserved flowers dome comes with either a transparent gift box or a premium black color box with ribbon as shown below.

We also offer gold gift box as an additional top up item.

Special Gift Box


Same day delivery:

It is quite common for a last-minute rush for a gift. We totally understand that! In fact, we have customers that found our website at the 11th hour and decided that this is the gift he wanted to get for his wife. He wanted Winnie The Pooh Preserved Flowers Dome for his wife within a few hours and we are able to deliver it to him. Once again, not all florists can provide this service in Singapore. At Eternal Flowers Singapore, we have our in-house delivery, which makes it possible. Not only we are able to deliver it fast, we are able to deliver safely! Speak to us about your urgent request to arrange.


In general, a Preserved Flowers Dome offers a blend of beauty, functionality, and sentimental value, rendering it a considerate and versatile option for gifting on any occasion.

If you are interested in getting a preserved flowers dome as a gift for your loved ones, consider getting it from Eternal Flowers Singapore. WhatsApp to us at +65 8760 0739 for any enquiries or special request.